Take a relaxing bath or refresh yourself in the sauna’s mist. As your muscles unwind, all of your stress and travel fatigue will melt away. Only for guests staying overnight.



08:00 to 13:00  
15:00 to 22:00 (Last entry 21:30)

Hotel Collective respects the SDGs and welcomes the diverse cultures and lifestyles of our guests and in line with this, we allow tattoos at our pool and bath.

However, for the comfort of all our guests, we request our guests to cover up all the tattoos.

Please note that we do not allow guests with tattoos that extend beyond the area covered by the concealing stickers.

 In addition, for the safety and health of our guests, we ask that those who are drunk or who behave in a manner that may cause inconvenience to other guests are also not permitted.

Please ask at the Fitness Reception Desk on the 3rd floor if you would like to have a sticker to hide your tattoo.

*In accordance with the Naha City Public Bathhouse Law Enforcement Ordinance, mixed bathing with children is allowed up to 6 years old.