Take a relaxing bath or refresh yourself in the sauna’s mist. As your muscles unwind, all of your stress and travel fatigue will melt away. Only for guests staying overnight.



08:00 to 13:00  
15:00 to 24:00 (Last entry 23:30)

Cautions and prohibitions regarding the use of SAUNA & BATHROOM

*For young children, we kindly ask that they use the toilet and wash their bodies before entering the bath. Additionally, we regret to inform you that children who are not yet out of diapers are not permitted to bathe in the tub.
*In accordance with the Naha City Public Bathroom Law Enforcement Ordinance, mixed bathing with children is allowed up to 6 years old.

*Please refrain from the following activities in the bathroom*

  • Using the facilities while wearing swimwear
  • Using flotation devices or similar items
  • Running or swimming in the bathtub
  • Using electronic devices such as smartphones
  • Putting towels or other items into the bathtub
  • Making noise in the sauna and bathroom areas
  • Walking in the powder room while wet
  • Getting into the bathtub before washing your body


Summary of Facilities

  Men Woman

Locker Count
*4th Floor Outdoor Pool and 3rd Floor Fitness Room are also used.

16 18
Number of Baths Hot Bath 1, Cold Bath 1 Hot Bath 1, Cold Bath 1
Number of Showers Shower Stations 2, Shower Booth 1 Shower Stations 2, Shower Booth 1
Capacity of Dry Sauna 5 people 5 people
Capacity of Steam Sauna 5 people 5 people
Number of Makeup Seats 3 seats 3 seats